Sales work (providing the whole products)


Giacomo Martinelli Srl it’s able to manufacture products starting from the raw materials. The materials used are after heat-treatment materials, AISI, iron, copper & precious metals, titanium, …
Two machine permit to automathically manufacture 4 phases such: cutting, bending, chamfering and thread rolling on every particular manufactured. The products manufactured are requested in whole European states. it’s poxible provide even pieces with external surface treatment (electro-brightening, Geomet treatment, galvanization, …). The company normally it’s able to produce the list of details below not only in the usual production range but even with some extra range: every customer has only to ask for let analize to the technicians of Giacomo Martinelli Srl the pheasebility phase.

Hooks and Shelves

Squared Circular Chamfered

Stud Bolt