Development Area

The high variability of the orders we receive, due to the changing nature of the work for third parties, presented several challenges over the years. All the challenges gave the company the expertise to build a well-functioning production process, which was further improved thanks to the implementation of internally developed computer programs. In 2013, we opened an R&D department with the aim of strengthening the company and working on ways to improve and progress. This area initially focused on the company’s different objectives, namely mechanical and electronic projects, analysis and production. Today, the department is tasked with verifying the efficiency of the production process, elaborating enhancement strategies and carrying out projects for the company and the clients as well. In 2016, the R&D department was expanded, thanks to the newly born partnership with the University of Brescia. In addition to CAD SolidWorks, a new program was jointly developed: a 3D simulation software that enabled us to simulate all processes, test the outcomes and carry out feasibility studies prior to starting the production. In 2018, this partnership gave birth to an elaborated study on 3D simulation models applied to the thread rolling process. Thanks to its expertise and resources, the R&D department of the Giacomo Martinelli Srl. always rises to the challenge.